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Ways to Keep Down the Cost of College

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Don’t let the cost of college scare you away from earning your degree. A college degree does payoff and if you keep costs down then the payoff can be even higher! Here are some ways that can help you keep the cost of a college degree down:

  • Earn college credits while in high school by taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
  • Start at a community college – make sure the community college is a “feeders” into good colleges and that ensure your college credits will transfer.
  • Prepaid tuition programs that lock in current tuition and  529 college savings plans that increase at the same rate as tuition increases over time (Learn more about funding college
  • Financial aid, grants and scholarships – the time spent researching and applying can be worth it. (Learn more about  financial aid and scholarships)
  • Avoid credit cards, period.
  • Rent text books at websites such as Chegg
  • Keep living expenses low: have roommates (or live at home?), inexpensive car, take online classes to avoid high gas prices,
  • Avoid high-interest private student loans.
  • If you are studying to be a teacher, you may qualify for loan assistance. (Learn more about teaching degrees and grants and financial assitance)
  • Serve in AmeriCorps or other service plans that provide education awards that can be used to repay student loans. (Learn more about the Americorps education awards)
  • Work if you need to pay expenses, as long as your job doesn’t interfere with your academics.

 Don’t let the cost of college keep you away from your dream of having a college degree!

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